Yes or No?

Just reread my last post, the one where I promised myself to be present, breathe, stay in the moment and not stress. What a difference a month makes. Here I find myself barely hanging on, almost never practicing yoga, and very, very stressed out. How do I make things right again? How do I get back on my mat? How do I work hard and manage my responsibilities without making myself sick?

I read something today about the importance of saying no. Then I saw something else about saying yes. I admit, the saying yes was a TED talk, and I haven’t taken the time to watch it yet. So maybe I’m jumping the gun to write about it, but whatever the conclusion of the person who did it (said yes to all requests for help for …was it a month?), I liked the idea of it.

I want to be a “YES” person. To me, saying yes is a way to let energy flow through me, to acknowledge and show gratitude for all my good fortune in life. I want to give back, to help others, to be a person who can be counted on. So I say a lot of yes and sometimes I say yes when I really mean no. Lots of times though, I’m happy afterwards that I pushed myself. Yes leads to good things.

The problem is that sometimes yes just doesn’t work. Every “yes” causes an equal and opposite “no.” I’m a busy person with a lot to do, a lot of interests and only so much time in a day.

Knowing when to say yes and when to say no. It’s an act of balance. How do you find balance between want to do and have to do? Between saying yes and saying no? If you have nothing, you have nothing to give.

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1 Response to Yes or No?

  1. Rina says:

    I find that I have the same problem, this balancing predicament. I will say yes to something, then kvetch about it, and then I’ll do it and feel great about it. I think a good way to look at saying “no” sometimes is, first of all, being kind to yourself (you can’t do everything!), second, giving someone else an opportunity to say “yes”. 🙂

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