Positive Speech Day

The power of positive energy is pretty much a proven thing. I remember reading, in one of Robert Anton Wilson‘s books (Cosmic Trigger maybe?), “Positive energy is as real as gravity” and thinking yes, of course.


However much we know this, though, the forces of negativity often crop up pretty strongly and why that is, I do not know. There must be a reason. I know that I tend to be a negative thinker at times, whether out of worry, fear or a sense of realism …and sometimes I can even work myself into a funk. I know people who make it a point to always be positive, to always smile, and I must admit I sometimes judge this self-discipline as phoniness.

In my Torah learning sessions, I am learning about Shmiras Ha’Lashon or the laws of speech. Speech is incredibly powerful. In fact, in the Book of Genesis, in the very first story of the Torah, B’resheit, God used words to create the world.

Yet, we talk, talk, talk. We throw our words around, often disconnected from the creative potential of our speech. In order to harness the power of positive speech, to give myself some structured practice with my own energy, I have invented “Positive Speech Day.”

Here are the RULES for Positive Speech Day: (I made them up. Feel free to adapt them for yourself.)

  • Choose a day. It can be once a week to start or whatever works.
  • On that day, speak positively about everything and to everyone. Of course, in order to do this you have to work to see the positive side of every and any situation. It helps to keep a big smile on your face, too, even if it feels fake. It’s like practicing yoga. You hold the “pose,” breathe deeply and just be there.
  • The rules include the “talking” you do to and about yourself as well!
  • If you mess up, just start over quickly and remind yourself that it’s all good on PSD (positive speech day).

That is it.

So, I did this earlier this week, and it was a great day. Either my positive energy was reflected back to me by others or else I actually convinced myself that all was well in my world.

As I said, though, this doesn’t always come naturally to me, so I have to remind myself to do positive speech days. I’m going to try to increase the number of PSD days I have and look upon it as a fun experiment to see what happens.


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