Low Day

Today I feel low. 

I try so hard. 

I judge myself. 

Never enough. 

What a waste of precious energy. 

My life is divine. Beautiful. A gift. 

I have so much. I am alive. 

I love the rain, the quacking duck that I hear but can not see. 

I love my family. My son, the 10-year old who loves to cuddle. My daughter, the 13-year old who made sure I had roses, tea, chocolate and pretty soaps for Mother’s Day. My husband, who reminds me to appreciate the moments. My father, my role-model, who has taught me, by his example, to let things go, to be generous, to be grounded. 

What challenges me is basically my own perspective. My own judging mind. My sometime inability to flow, breathe, smile, rest, appreciate, pray, and be. Happy. 



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