Look at that sky.

I spend a lot of time in my mind. 

I teach thinking.

I get tangled up in my worries. I spread them outward. To my students. When what I mean to do is only to spread love.

Energy is so contagious.

I need yoga.

When I close my eyes and focus on my breath….when I lay on my mat and relax…I let go. When I work hard, dripping sweat, completely exhausted….I let go. I set my intention. To let go. To lighten up.

Time is moving so quickly. It’s almost 2015.
I love the end of the year, the days off work, the time to relax, to be spacious, happy, light.

I love the clean slate of a new year. The chance to start fresh, to set goals.
At my age, though, so many years have come and gone. I’ve made resolutions, written on the clean slates of years starting in both nineteen and twenty. Bought new calendars, fresh with possibility.

Tick. Tock. Tick tock. Ticktockticktockticktockticktock….

Time keeps on slipping into the future.

I hope that this might be the year I finally grow up.

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