Letting Go

Letting go is a huge, unavoidable part of life. Why is it sosososososo hard?

I had to learn letting go earlier than many people when I lost my mother at age 12. Other than losing friends and loved ones, I felt, acutely, the pain of letting go when I moved from California to Florida. It felt like a death, and in a way, it was.

I don’t hang on to things, don’t give them sentimental value. I am not the best at keeping in touch with old friends the way some people do. Yet I still fear letting go. If you think about it, every moment is a letting go. If we are to be present, we must let go of the old and let go of any worry about the future.

Right now in my life I am very conscious of my need to let go. I am growing older, and it is hard to let go of youth, both physically and mentally. I am aware of the shortness of life and the many things still to do. I know that some things might be for the last time, and that is painful.

How does one get good at letting go? How do I detach from what I love enough to change when change is necessary?

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