Letting Go. Part 2

I’m still working on the art of letting go.

I’m letting go of my identity attachment to the job I have held for the last nine years. I say identity attachment because my work here has been so much more than a job to me. I know in my heart and mind that I have made a difference, both to the school as a whole and to many individual children and teachers.

Making a difference is important to me. I have a need to feel like the work I do is meaningful. It’s difficult to walk away and realize that there is no void created by my absence. There is little recognition of my contributions, no one will “miss” me. That does not make the work I did less meaningful. The work is the path. We are only to do the work, not to become attached to what results from it.

It’s hard to let go and trust that there is something meaningful waiting for me in the future. It’s murky. Unclear. Letting go feels risky.

I recently read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” the popular bestseller by Marie Kondo. My husband and I are excited to follow her detailed plan for tidying, the first part of which is thoroughly discarding that which does not “spark joy.”  Letting go creates space. When space is created, new things can grow.

How do I detach enough to regenerate? How do I not stand in my own way, allowing my fears to take over? I do not control the path, only myself as the walker of the path.

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