Emotions are part of being human, right? We learned in yoga teacher training that we have an “emotional body,” and we have to become able to separate from it when we are interacting with others or when making choices.

I think of myself as a particularly emotional person, but I wonder if that’s true. Are some people really “more” or “less” emotional than others or is it something else? Maybe it’s that people find expression of different types of emotions more often than others. For example, when something upsets, threatens, frustrates or disappoints me, I tend to feel sadness. My husband, on the other hand, expresses these feelings through anger.

Or maybe it’s that some people find ways to separate themselves from the emotional body earlier in life than other people. I wonder, too, if all ways of separation from the emotions are equally positive. For example, a meditation practice is a positive way to grow a sense of detachment. It has no negative side effects. Using drugs or alcohol to dull the senses or to change brain chemistry is not similarly positive, although it may work for some people what happens when the chemical is no longer available? What about the negative side effects on the physical body?

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