sharing in secret

I want to write. but I’m an introvert.

An introvert who secretly wants to be less of an introvert. I want to share with the world. And really the detritus of my sharing is everywhere online so maybe i’m not so much of an introvert as I claim. But…

So right now is the Corona Virus time. This is a scary infectious, very contagious virus that is spreading rapidly across the globe and killing large numbers of people. We are social distancing, staying home and away from other people in an effort to slow the spread.

I just looked at the map provided by the state of Florida and it shows that my county now shows ten confirmed cases. Yesterday it was four cases. I personally feel….weird. worried. like I should be rising to the occasion and finding ways to do more. And I also want to hibernate and just hang out and do all the home things.

I like going upside down. Walking-running. writing. reading. texting with friends. hugging my family. not having to rush anywhere or go places. I like being home. I want to stay healthy and my family to stay healthy. I value my health so very much.

I want to inspire and share with others. I choose love over fear. I choose love over fear. I accept myself how I am. I go upside down. I let things be for a minute. I choose love. i want and need love.

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